France Sheet Block

Block Of Stamps Of France N ° 137 Uefa Euro 2016

Block Of Stamps Of France N ° 137 Uefa Euro 2016

Block Of Stamps Of France N ° 137 Uefa Euro 2016    Block Of Stamps Of France N ° 137 Uefa Euro 2016
Stamps' block of France n ° 137 \France stamps of France issued for UEFA EURO 2016. Block of 5 stamps at 1 euro, nine original gum intact, TB. France welcomes from 10 June to 10 July 2016, the final phase of the European Football Nations Championship for the third time after 1960 and 1984, publishing in which France had been a first time champion.

On the occasion of this exceptional sports event, the post office, a historical partner of French football and very attached to the values ​​of the sport, will be the official Courier-Colis-Express operator of UEFA by sending and distributing the 2, 5 million tickets from the competition in France, Europe and the rest of the world, thanks to the positions of the post office and its subsidiaries DPD and Chronopost. La Poste will help make this event a big popular holiday and will develop a philatelic program entirely dedicated to Euro 2016. See you on June 10 for the kickoff of the euro! These stamps are valid for shipments to Europe as a priority letter.

Philantology continuously selects new stamps from France to complete and put more value in your collection. The stamp counts are those of Yvert and Tellier catalog unless otherwise stated. Philantology is a member of the CNEP (Trade Chamber of Traders and Philately Expert) and guarantees the authenticity of all the stamps offered on its website. The photographs take place of further description for margins, serration, centering and cancellation. European Union and Switzerland / Dom-Tom.

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  3. Country: France <\/ Li>
  4. Country of manufacture: France <\/ Li>
  5. quality: excellent condition <\/ li>
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    Block Of Stamps Of France N ° 137 Uefa Euro 2016    Block Of Stamps Of France N ° 137 Uefa Euro 2016