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Sheet Of Stamps 140 Years Of Type Sage F5094 New Sup

Sheet Of Stamps 140 Years Of Type Sage F5094 New Sup

Sheet Of Stamps 140 Years Of Type Sage F5094 New Sup    Sheet Of Stamps 140 Years Of Type Sage F5094 New Sup
Sheet of stamps 140 years of the wise type f5094 nine sup. Sheet of 20 stamps commemorating the 140 years of the wise type, issued on the occasion of the 70th fall philatelic fair. The block is sold in a crystal pouch, accompanied by a short text written by gérard disarnaud, member of the academy of philately. The 70th Fall Philatelic Salon celebrates the 140th anniversary of the wise type issued at the end of 1876, through 2 of its versions (inspired from 1c and 5c) commonly known as type 1 and type 2, known as "type n under b" and "type n under u". 1875 - the third republic is established. The france has changed, a change also desired by the post administration. We no longer want the ceres, too politically marked and the facial values too unreadable. A public competition is launched, which jules august wise wins with "trade and peace united and reigning over the world". The engraving is entrusted to louis eugene muchon. At immersion in water, the punch breaks.

Another matrix is engraved, but with the n of inv under the b of republic, which will be used to print the type 1 stamps. Weighing it of less good quality, uses prints of the original punch, taken before the accident, to make new matrices, which will be used as soon as new prints are needed to supply the stocks (type 2, with the n of inv under the u of republic) stamps of different type will be issued in the same year. Philantologie constantly selects new france stamps to complete and add more value to your collection. The numbers of the stamps shall be those of the yvert and teller catalogue unless otherwise stated.

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  1. description of amendment: 2016
  2. post mark: unobliterated
  3. Country: france
  4. country of manufacture: france
  5. Quality: excellent condition
  6. type: sheet

Sheet Of Stamps 140 Years Of Type Sage F5094 New Sup    Sheet Of Stamps 140 Years Of Type Sage F5094 New Sup